NIA attacked in Bhupatinagar :West Bengal

Prime Minister criticizes Trinamool's impact on law and constitution, questioning the involvement of NIA and ED.

State politics uproar over NIA raid in Bhupatinagar and attack on them. According to police sources, the Union Home Ministry called the Bhupatinagar police station on Saturday to find out about the incident. A report is requested.


Bhupatinagar incident hot state politics. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about this from a public meeting at Dhupaguri in Jalpaiguri district on Sunday. Targeting the Trinamool, Modi said, “They are destroying the law and the constitution of the country.” Modi also said, “The Trinamool needs to be taught a lesson in this election.” The Prime Minister targeted the ruling party of the state over the recent incident of the NIA being ‘afflicted’ in Bhupatinagar due to the Sandeshkhalikand


NIA went to the area on Saturday to investigate the 2022 Bhupatinagar blast case. The NIA vehicle was allegedly attacked after two local Trinamool leaders were picked up in the vehicle for questioning. There is a fuss about state politics. The NIA filed a written complaint of the attack at the Bhupatinagar police station on Saturday. However, no one has been arrested in the incident yet. Meanwhile, the family of an arrested Trinamool leader filed a molestation complaint against the NIA officials at the Bhupatinagar police station on Saturday night.The police have started the investigation of the incident by filing an FIR. Political pressure is going on. The Trinamool claims that the NIA investigation is being done on the orders of the BJP. Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh claimed in a press conference that BJP leader Jitendra Tiwari had a meeting with NIA SP Dhanram Singh on March 26. He alleged that the list of Trinamool leaders was given there. They demanded an investigation on this. In response, BJP’s Jitendra warned of defamation cases.


On Saturday, the police station there received a call from the Union Home Ministry regarding the Bhupatinagar incident. According to police sources, this is known. The source also said that Shah’s ministry has asked for a report on the attack on NIA. Besides, the police informed that there was no negligence on the part of the police in that incident. Rather, they are investigating based on the FIR filed by the NIA. Modi said, “It is very important to teach Trinamool everything in this election.Trinamool’s security should be confiscated in one booth.” When the investigators went to investigate, they were attacked. Attacked by others. Party to subvert law and constitution. You have seen what happened in Sandeshkhali. Adal has to intervene in every case here.” The Prime Minister added, “ED has seized three and a half thousand crore rupees in the corruption case.I am taking advice on how to return that money to the deprived. Paid money for jobs for poor teachers. I will refund their money.”


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