Maldivian minister faces allegations of showing disrespect towards the national flag.

This time the accusation of disrespecting the national flag of India against the Minister of Maldives! He asked for forgiveness

Muijju came to power in Maldives in November. Maldives relations with India have deteriorated since then. Three of his ministers had earlier been accused of insulting the Prime Minister of India.


A Maldivian minister has been accused of disrespecting the Indian national flag. The administration of President Mohammad Muijju suspended him. The minister apologized later. But the controversy did not stop there. The name of the Minister of the Muijju Administration of Maldives is Mariyam Shiuna. He made a post a few days ago on social media about the poll campaign. It is alleged that his post had a picture of the Indian flag targeting the opposition parties. The post was later deleted. But his ‘screenshot’ went viral. There has been a lot of discussion on the post of the Maldives minister on Indian social media.


The controversial post contained a photo of a Maldivian opposition party campaigning for the election. It was alleged that the image of the Indian flag’s Ashoka Chakra was replaced with the image of the party symbol. Along with the photo, Maryam wrote, “MDP (Opposition Party) is heading for a major downfall. The people of Maldives do not want to go down with them. ”Later MDP said that the picture was fake. They held meetings with their party symbols. So that the picture of India’s Ashoka Chakra is edited and placed. Maryam quickly deleted the post amid controversy. 

After Mariyam’s post, there were demands for action against the minister not only in her country but also in India. In the meantime, Mariyam wrote on her X (former Twitter) handle, “I apologize for the confusion caused by the content of one of my recent posts. I heard that there is a match between the Indian national flag and the distorted picture in my post about MDP. Let me make this clear, this is completely unintentional. I apologize for the situation of misunderstanding that has arisen from this. 

It should be noted that Muijju came to power in Maldives last November. He is known as ‘anti-India’. Maldive’s relations with India deteriorated soon after he came to power. Three Maldivian ministers were accused of insulting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Lakshadweep. At that time, Indian users on social media called for a boycott of Maldives. Many also cancelled tickets to Maldives. In between, Muijju asked India to withdraw its troops from Maldivian soil. All in all, the relations of this neighbouring island nation with India have deteriorated.

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