“Biden’s Response to Hamas Attack: Insights into Trump’s Criticism and Beyond”

Trump squarely attributed the Hamas attack to Biden, asserting, "Under my presidency, this would never have occurred."

Former US President Donald Trump expressed concern about the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Along with that, he directly criticized American President Joe Biden for this war situation. Trump claims that if he had been the president of the United States, Hamas would never have carried out the attack on October 7 last year. Not only that, Trump did not stop calling Biden a ‘stupid’.

In an interview given to the press, Trump opened his mouth on several issues, including the Israel-Hamas war, and Biden’s role in that war. Speaking about Biden, the former American president said, “He cannot say two words in one mouth. Even, he cannot speak properly. He is a stupid man. His foreign policy is terrible.

Trump directly blamed Biden for the Hamas attack. After that, he claimed, “If I had been the president, such an incident would never have happened.” Hamas has no respect for Biden. He is never a friend of Israel. Because if he was a friend of Israel, Hamas would never have attacked on October 7.” However, Trump also expressed concern about this ongoing war. At the same time, he warned Israel that if the war continues in this way, they may lose international support. Incidentally, Netanyahu’s army has been carrying out continuous attacks since the attack on the Israeli territory by Hamas’s Al Qasham Brigade from Gaza on October 7.

Israel has stated that military operations will not be stopped under any circumstances until all Israeli hostages are released.

Trump supported Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s counterattack. The former US president said that if he had faced such an attack, he would have followed the same path. But at the same time, Trump also thinks, “This time the war should stop.


On the other hand, the US voted in favor of a proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza during the month of Ramadan. What the Netanyahu government did not take well. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a diplomatic delegation’s visit to the US shortly after the resolution was passed.

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