Attack on Moscow Concert Hall

Suspected of responsibility for the attack, Russia also suspects Ukraine

Regarding the intelligence failure, Pskov said that it is unfortunate but true that no city or country in the world is free from the risk of terrorism. The fight against terrorism is a continuous process. 

72 hours after the terrorist attack on the concert hall in Moscow, questions are still being raised about the Russian security system. The question is also raised as to why the intelligence department did not get any information about this attack in advance, and why this tragic incident could not be avoided. However, the Kremlin said no country is completely immune to terrorism. There has also been speculation about who is behind the attack. Western countries, including the US and France, have claimed IS carried out the attack. However, Russia does not rule out the role of Ukraine behind this. 

Today, the Russian court framed charges against the four accused under the anti-terror law. The marks of torture were evident on the bodies of the four suspects when they were produced in court. One person was brought in in a wheelchair. Sore spots on everyone’s face. A video has been leaked, showing intense torture. However, the Russian spokesperson did not want to comment on this. 

The death toll in that attack has already reached 150. Around 200 were injured. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the main conspirator has been arrested. According to him, he planned to flee to Ukraine. Ukraine, however, said it had nothing to do with the attack. Britain claims that it is deliberately trying to link Ukraine with the attack. French President Emmanuel Macron also said that IS is responsible for the attack according to evidence. It would not be right to strike hard at Ukraine. The four attackers are claimed by various sources to be citizens of Tajikistan. In this situation, Tajikistan has assured Russia of all possible help in the investigation.

 Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today that the investigation is ongoing. Peskov said that IS has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it is not right to reach any conclusions about it yet. 

Regarding the intelligence failure, Peskov said that it is unfortunate but true that no city or country in the world is free from the risk of terrorism. The fight against terrorism is a continuous process. International cooperation is also needed in this regard. However, he also complained that the cooperation is not being met at present. According to many, the Russian spokesman made this comment to the Western world after the Ukraine war. 

America, however, claims that Russia was given warning about the attack two weeks ago. Asked whether the West needed help, Peskov said Russian investigative agencies were conducting the investigation independently. No one else needs help with this. Intelligence agencies are already taking some suspects into custody and interrogating them.

 Even though the name of IS is behind the attack, Russia does not rule out the possibility that Ukraine is behind it. However, Kiev has made it clear that there is no connection with the attack. In this context, Macron’s appeal, based on mere suspicion, amounts to brutal Russian attacks on Ukraine. In Makron’s words, “The evidence obtained shows that IS is behind the attack. ISIS carried out this attack out of hatred.” 

Despite Macron’s pleas, Russian attacks on Ukraine continue. Multiple explosions were reported in the capital city of Kiev. The American ambassador in Ukraine said that Russia attacked with hypersonic (speed faster than sound) missiles. However, the Ukrainian Air Force said that a ballistic missile had been disabled. 

The citizens of Russia are mourning the loss of so many lives in the middle of the dispute over the attack. More than two hundred citizens paid their respects to the victims by attending the scene this morning. Many had flowers in their hands. Many remember the victims by lighting candles.

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