The body of an Indian student has been recovered in America. It is suspected that he was murdered. The body of the student was recovered from inside the car in a forest. The dead student’s name is Paruchuri Abhijit (20). With this, a total of eight Indian students’ bodies were recovered in America this year.

According to police sources, Abhijit started studying engineering at Boston University in America. He was recently admitted to that university. Initially, the police suspected that Abhijit was killed by unknown miscreants for money and a laptop. Abhijeet’s father Paruchuri Chakradhar said that his son wanted to study abroad but his mother did not want to. But thinking about his future, he became Kazi in the end. After that, Abhijit was admitted to Boston University.

Police suspect that Abhijeet may have had a problem with someone over money. It is being investigated whether he was murdered or not by the police of America. A resident of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The American administration is arranging to send his body to India. This is not the first time; that Indian students have been killed before in America. Within a few months, the bodies of eight people were recovered from Joe Biden’s country. Recently, a dancer named Amarnath Ghosh was murdered in Washington, America. Thirty-four-year-old Amarnath enrolled at the University of Washington to pursue a master’s degree in dance. In February, the body of another Indian student, Sameer Kamath, was recovered. He attended Purdue University. Apart from this, Indian students named Gattu Dinesh, Nikesh, Shreyas Reddy, Akul Dhawan, Neel Acharya and Vivek Saini died last January.

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The list of people who lost their lives in Boston.

  • Amar Ghosh
  • Amarnath
  • Sameer Kaamnath
  • Gattu Dinesh
  • Nikesh
  • Shreyas Reddy
  • Akul Dhawan
  • Neel Acharya
  • Vivek Saini