“America’s Diplomatic Approach Towards Delhi Contrasts with Germany’s Soft Stance: Exploring Global Relations”

Within diplomatic circles, there is a prevailing sentiment that the recent actions taken by the US, including the arrest of Kejri and the freezing of the Congress's bank account, have tarnished the reputation of the Modi government.

Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections will create a sensation in both the AAP and the opposition camps, the BJP leadership proceeded with the calculation. But Narendra Modi’s government did not expect that America would raise so much voice on the issue. But now Shire election. Therefore, there is less opportunity to deal with the situation through diplomatic channels with Washington. Apart from that, the diplomatic acceptance of the current government standing before the vote is undoubtedly less than before.

Diplomatic circles feel that all this has created additional pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is desperate to project a ‘world guru’ image.


However, Germany has softened the tone today with Kejriwal giving some relief to India. After summoning the German diplomat on behalf of Delhi, the German Foreign Ministry said, “The Indian Constitution guarantees the fundamental rights and freedoms of everyone. India, our important friend in Asia, also upholds these human rights ideals. There is a relationship of trust between the two countries.” Germany’s change of tone gave some relief to Delhi. Diplomatic circles feel that how the US has moved with the arrest of Kejri and the freezing of the bank account of the Congress has damaged the image of the Modi government. At a press conference today, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said, “Any such external comments are not acceptable in the electoral and legal processes of the country. Legal processes in India are governed by the country’s rule of law. India is proud of its independent and strong democratic institutions. Committed to protect them from any unwanted external influence.’ 


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